Next Generation Leaders of Color Program

A unique and powerful leadership development program for nonprofit managers of color

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The NGLC program integrates transformational leadership with management skills all through a multicultural framework. Participants graduate from the ten-month program with the necessary confidence, leadership vision, and practical, senior level management skills to thrive in diverse organizations operating in challenging environments. Said one NGLC alumnus, it is “a safe haven for growth, healing, and examination of what it means to be a leader of color in the nonprofit sector.” 



“It's only been a week and a half since the finance session and I have gotten my organization to dramatically shift how we were going about the budgeting process, and I've started making headway in tightening communications between program, fund development, and finance. On a personal level, this training has also provided me with the skills and strategies to help my org through a tough transition period and to show my ED that I'm valuable to the organization.”

- NGLC Participant

The Spring 2013 NGLC COHORT



Launched in 2009 by CompassPoint, with a grant from The California Wellness Foundation, the Next Generation Leaders of Color program is for managers and leaders of color working in Bay Area health and human service organizations.

Based on studies reporting the needs of nonprofit leaders and on our own experience working with hundreds of community based organizations, CompassPoint understands that strong leadership coupled with strong management are critical in accomplishing maximum mission impact.


Next Generation Leaders of Color focuses on two of the critical content areas that pose significant challenges for many community-based managers and leaders. The first challenge is to supervise, develop, inspire, and influence people. The second challenge is to develop business acumen with an emphasis on financial strategy, comprehension, and literacy.

“This has been a process of me accepting me. What impact do I want to have? I want to change the systems and create opportunities for people to change their own lives. NGLC helped me define that. I was excited to answer the question, what is my journey? “
- 2010 NGLC Participant

Using a multicultural framework that examines cultural dimensions in managing people and organizational finances, this program focuses on these two areas, deepening the management and leadership capabilities of individual participants, while increasing the overall health and sustainability of their current and future organizations of employment.



Each program cohort is comprised of 20 participants who are enrolled in the intensive program together. The program includes:

360 Degree Assessment Tool
The assessment will take place at the onset of the program. It will provide participants an insight into the way others perceive their performance based on their workplace behaviors. Participants will be provided coaches to debrief the assessment results and to work with them to develop their individualized professional development plans based on the results.

In-person Seminars
Participants will come together monthly over the course of the 10 month program for highly interactive learning sessions. The seminar topics will incorporate a multicultural framework that examines cultural dimensions and will alternate between leadership content and management content.

“My peer group was extraordinary, I have never received so much support; they had a huge influence on my success. The learning I got from hearing them, from listening to their learning and their lives. My growth came from that. I was in someone’s story as a supportive role, but I was growing along with them. Each of their stories was a mirror. Every time I asked a question of them, I asked it of myself.”
- 2010 NGLC Participant

Facilitated Peer-Coaching Groups
Each participant will be assigned a facilitated peer-coaching group. Peer groups will meet at the end of each in-person seminar and are designed to reinforce learning and provide real-time problem solving and peer support.

Leadership/Executive Coaching
Additional coaching will be made available to each participant to help them with their leadership and professional development goals. Coaching is optional and coaches will be matched with participants based on interest and need.

Final Cohort Gathering
To encourage and support a network of next generation leaders of color, the last in person seminar will be a celebration of accomplishments and an opportunity to deepen the new relationships among. Alumni from past NGLC cohorts will also attend.

“CompassPoint facilitators brought knowledge to the table, but they also brought themselves. They were real and vulnerable and mirrored for me how to also be vulnerable and yet move forward.”
- 2010 NGLC Participant



Results from the evaluation of NGLC graduates reported a higher degree of confidence, financial literacy, multicultural awareness, and strengthened supervisory and leadership skills. Click here to download the Key Evaluation Findings Report prepared by jdcPartnerships.

Read more comments from 2010 participants....

“I didn’t realize I could be a financial leader. I am able to go back to my organization and ask better questions, get better budgets, do better monitoring. It made a big difference for them and for me.”

“This program was a platform for me to uncover my self-awareness. Intentionality became my buzz word; being intentional in my humility, celebrating, inclusion…in working for social justice and peace. I feel hope, faith, and love in building multicultural alliances. “

“Before this program, I looked at other leaders and I thought there were special. Now I see that I have the tools and knowledge to join them, to speak up, to participate, and to lead.”



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Our special thanks to The California Wellness Foundation, The California Endowment, and the S.H. Cowell Foundation whose support makes it possible for us to serve a diverse mix of communities, organizations, and causes through the thoughtful, committed leaders participating in NGLC.

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