Contract Trainings

Contract training is the term used to describe a CompassPoint workshop course offering that is delivered to an organization solely for its designated attendees. These trainings may be held at CompassPoint’s office or at the client’s site.

There are many advantages to having your staff or department participate together in a contract training:

  • It’s an opportunity to engage the instructor and the content at a deeper level to ensure you get what you need.
    We will discuss your particular learning objectives with you to determine that the content is right for your group, that this is the right time for training, and that training is the right method to achieve the organization’s professional development goals.
  • It’s cost effective.
    We can train up to 20 people at about half what it would cost to send those same staff for training through our workshop program for the general public.
  • It creates buy in.
    Everyone on the team gets the same training and hears the same message. This can help facilitate agreement about how the skills and information can be applied to the systems your staff is already working with in your organization.
  • It can shift organizational culture.
    Agreements that shift organizational culture can happen when a whole team is on the same page.



The standard price for contract trainings ranges from $4,000 to $6,000 for a full-day class. The standard price for a half-day class is $3,000. Any requested customization or special development to the course content is an additional fee and can be discussed when you and the instructor determine the learning objectives for your training.

To inquire about bringing a contract training to your organization, please contact Paola Cubias at 510-318-3721 or by email at

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