CompassPoint Endorses California Proposition 30


CompassPoint is publicly endorsing California Proposition 30: The Schools and Local Public Safety Act. We believe this initiative is vital to the health and sustainability of nonprofits in California. If Prop 30 fails, funding for elementary, high school and college education; programs that maintain public health and safety; and programs that support California’s more vulnerable populations, including children and the developmentally disabled, will be slashed by $6 billion. These cuts will leave nonprofits to pick up even more of the slack than they do already. Passing the measure will free up state funds that can be allocated to government services and grants for services that nonprofits provide in California communities.

We believe that the passage of Prop 30 is a first step among many reforms needed to address our state’s chronic budget problem and invest in a more equitable future. We encourage nonprofits that share this vision of the future to support and work towards its passage.

Additional Background
Sponsored by Governor Jerry Brown, the California Federation of Teachers, and the “Millionaire’s Tax” nonprofit and labor coalition, Prop 30 will protect school and safety funding as well as help address the state’s chronic budget mess. If this initiative passes, it will provide much needed income from a temporary increase in income taxes for earners making over $250,000 per year and a modest temporary sales tax increase. The addition of these revenues to the California Budget will:

  • prevent an additional $6 billion in cuts to California schools and other important state programs
  • guarantee public safety funding and save the state billion in prison costs over the long term, and
  • help pay down California’s debt.

The cuts to the state budget in our recent history have had significant and severe effects on our sector. Whether your organization is publicly funded or not, the decline of public funds for community services has escalated the demand for services and increased competition among all nonprofits for resources from foundations and donors. As with any organizational budget, we believe that a healthy state budget involves both accountable spending and adequate revenue. Prop 30 is a key step towards accomplishing this goal, and if it passes, it will contribute to a healthier nonprofit sector and state. 

Nonprofits are driven by mission and values.  This election season, we encourage you and everyone at your organization to vote with your mission.

Here are some helpful resources that you can use to educate your staff, constituents, and yourself about the upcoming election:

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