Hitting the Pause Button…

JR Yeager

This week CompassPoint says goodbye to our colleague JR Yeager who has worked with CompassPoint and our clients for the past 15 years. We’ll miss him, his deep expertise and diplomacy in guiding organizations through executive transitions, and his very crafty sense of humor. Below is his farewell blog.

After 15 years of working in various roles in the field of Executive Transition Management, I have decided to leave my position here at CompassPoint to take some time for myself to rest, reflect, and recharge. During my time at CompassPoint, I have served twice as an interim executive director, an interim director of finance, an executive transition management and search consultant for dozens of Bay Area nonprofits, and the manager of CompassPoint’s interim executive director program. I’ve created and taught workshops, written blogs, moderated panels and was part of a talented and respected team. It has been a full and rewarding second career. And I am excited as I look forward to my third.

Before I go I’d like to acknowledge some of the many people I’ve met in my work who have dedicated themselves to making their communities—our communities, the world in general—a better and more just place to live. Those that come immediately to mind are:

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation and the Rosie the Riveter Trust who are working to preserve the past and honor those who came before us so that we learn and grow from their experience.

The people at Dolores Street Community Services and Hamilton Family Center  who  offer respite and shelter to those most in need while continuing to work to dismantle the root causes of homelessness and unequal opportunities in a land where there is enough for everyone, if only we work stronger together distribute our bounty.

The people at East Bay Agency for Children and Early Childhood Mental Health Providers who bring their expertise to bear to protect and nurture the very young at risk while the opportunity still exists to make a difference for them so that their early childhood circumstances don’t define them for life.

The people at Beyond Emancipation and the resilient young women and men at California Youth Connection who are working in and outside of the foster system to protect and enhance the rights of foster youth and to provide them with opportunities to move into a fair and rewarding adult life.

The teachers and staff at Community Music Center who believe that music belongs to everyone and should be accessible to all.

And the people at NAPSA who remind us that welfare, compassion, and rights belong to all living things.

It is an amazing world in which we live.

I am happy and thankful that I have found work that I love, supporting people like those mentioned above. I look forward to doing more of the same. I plan on re-entering the work force later this year to continue to help nonprofit volunteer boards navigate the often bumpy terrain of an executive transition and support committed passionate leaders to find their dream job and guide them in their efforts to succeed.

I’d love to stay in touch. You can email me at jry.yeager@gmail.com or find me on LinkedIn here.  

Warm regards,


A note from CompassPoint CEO Jeanne Bell: On behalf of the entire CompassPoint practice, I offer my gratitude for the skilled and passionate support that JR has provided to so many boards and executives in his rich tenure here. His deep relationships with our staff, our partners here and around the country, and with so many former clients will all continue to flourish. I wish him an extremely well-deserved rest and then look forward to being in ongoing dialogue about how to prepare and support leaders and organizations through successful transitions.

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