Coaching Referral Service Fact Sheet

What is Coaching?  

It is a process of supporting individuals to make more conscious decisions about their professional and personal lives. Coaches assist the individual in learning about herself, her interpersonal relationships, style of learning, leading, managing people, making decisions and managing conflict. Coaching is an effective process for individuals to identify what’s important- in personal and organizational values – and to be more successful in acting on what’s important. Coaching is a developmental process based on identifying and building upon the individuals’ strengths and internal resources.

How does coaching work?

Through a series of sessions with a professional coach, individuals identify goals, barriers to success, and action strategies to help them achieve their goals. The coach supports the individual in staying committed to priorities s/he says are important. Coaches ask good questions that support learning and solutions from the executive, and provide supportive reinforcement to put new insights into practice.

The number of sessions can vary, but typically there is a minimum of 10-12 sessions over a 3-4 month period. Regularity of the sessions is important. Clients can be coached in person and over the phone. The coaching arrangement and financial compensation are negotiated between the individual and the coach. Coaches in our referral service charge between $190 and $300 per hour.

How does coaching benefit nonprofit leaders?

Coaching provides a safe space for leaders to air concerns about their jobs and about the problems facing their organizations — and to consider solutions. A major outcome of coaching for the individual leader is a higher level of self-awareness, which, along with self-management, many consider to be a prerequisite for strong leadership. Coaching can also support individuals to develop their management skills and business savvy. Especially at a time when many nonprofits are facing enormous financial and operational challenges, coaching is a way to help ensure that nonprofit leaders have the time and space to make careful decisions. Several nonprofit leaders have offered testimonials on how coaching has helped them stay in their roles and be more effective as agency leaders. A contrasting outcome for some coaching clients has been reaching clarity that it was time to move on. In both cases, the individuals felt more empowered and in control of their lives.

How do I know if I am ready for coaching?

Use some of these questions as a way to assess both individual and organizational “readiness” for coaching:

How does the referral process work?

Once you contact us for a coaching referral, we provide an overview of the coaching process and walk you through a questionnaire that helps us evaluate your particular needs and make appropriate referrals. We will refer up to three coaches to you to interview. The coaches from our pool will all be certified and pre-qualified with references checked. All financial arrangements for coaching hours are between you and your coach. You can come back to us anytime for a different match at no charge. To help you select your coach, we suggest you review the guidelines for selecting a coach here.

Who are the coaches?

CompassPoint draws on a pool of experienced coaches with varied backgrounds. Our coaches are currently all graduates of ICF-certified schools, which maintains ethical standards. This code of conduct includes professional conduct at large, professional conduct with clients, confidentiality/privacy, and conflicts of interest (visit for more information on ICF certification, ethical standards, and core competencies). All coaches have experience in the nonprofit sector and all have had senior management experience in nonprofit agencies or in for-profit corporations and sometimes in both arenas.

How is this different than counseling or therapy?

Coaching’s emphasis on personal as well as professional issues can create the perception that it is a dressed-up form of psychotherapy. It is not. The therapist is concerned about the individual’s functioning and well-being across a range of settings, with a focus on resolving conflict for individuals and groups and healing pain. The focus of coaching is on bridging the personal and the professional in ways that contribute to stronger leadership.

Is it the same as consulting? 

Not really. Inherent in consulting is the premise there is some expert background that the consultant can impart to the client. It is believed with coaching, the solutions can be found within the individual. The coach’s job is to help surface these solutions. For an overview of the differences between coaching and expert consulting, click here.

What happens if I want to stop coaching?

If you are not happy with your match, CompassPoint will work with you until you are successful in making one.

Pricing Overview

Coaching rates run $190-300 per hour and the coaches set their own hourly rate. Typically there is a minimum of 10-12 sessions over a 3-4 month period. All financial arrangements for coaching hours are between you and your coach. 

How do I find a coach?

Contact Adriana Rocah from our Leadership Services team at 510-318-3740 or to set up an intake call with our referral service manager. The call should take approximately 30 minutes.

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