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The cartoon Planet501c3 pokes fun at life in the nonprofit sector: 501(c)(3) is the IRS designation for nonprofit corporations. Planet501c3 was written and drawn by Miriam Engelberg, with ideas and suggestions provided by CompassPoint staff and many others. Two popular compilations of the cartoons, They Came from Planet501c3 and Planet501c3: The Next Generation, are only available for purchase through CompassPoint. Help support the Planet by buying either collection to give to your co-workers!

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Donations from Hell (09/01/1999)
Cartoon Transcript:

Three individual donors are making contributions to a nonprofit organization. The first donor holds a computer cpu and says: "This 286 computer I'm donating to you just needs a compatible monitor. It has a great DOS accounting program on the hard drive! I lost the manual, but I'm sure you can figure it out. If you need help, I'll be back from Nepal in 6 months or so."
Donor #2 is an older woman with her hair in a bun, and a pearl necklace. She says, "You'll love this antique marble table I'm giving you! Now remember, the movers will need to be paid before Tuesday. By the way, you'll need to knock down that wall over there or the table won't fit. I'll give you the name of some good contractors. Have them reinforce the floor too. And you'll need to buy special insurance, plus..." her voice trails off.
Donor #3 is holding a piece of paper. He says, "Sure, the paper is a little brown on one side, but the other side is fine, and I have 30 reams of it! You'll need to pick it up tomorrow between 7:15 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., and I hope you're not afraid of dogs because Fluffy doesn't like people going into the basement." The End. Created and drawn by Miriam Engelberg, respectfully transcribed by Colleen Shelly.

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