Grant Proposal Guidelines: The Real Story

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Grant Proposal Guidelines: The Real Story (01/04/2002)
Cartoon Transcript:

In the first frame, a man walks up to the desk of a coworker, holding a stack of papers titled Proposal Guidelines. The caption above them reads: "Nonprofit staff galliantly try to finish a government grant proposal..."
The man's brow is furrowed, he is holding up the guidelines and saying to his coworker, "...and they're also making us provide 5-page biographies of every staff memember. It's like they purposely sit around thinking of ways to make this difficult."
Coworker is young and neat looking. She's sitting at her desk and says, "Don't be silly! I'm sure there are good reasons behind all of their requests."
The caption above the second frame reads, "Meanwhile, at a nearby government office..."
Three people are in a conference room, gathered around a table. A piece of flip chart paper with the meeting's agenda is taped to the wall, it says: "Ways to make proposals difficult..."
Person #1: "Let's require that they answer question 8b, but not put it on the form. Ha, ha, ha."
Person #2: "Here's a good one, let's make them do astrological charts for each employee!"
Person #3: "These are too easy. Come on - I know you can do better."
The End. Created and drawn by Miriam Engelberg, respectfully transcribed by Colleen Shelly.

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