Google Tools Training for Nonprofits

Nonprofits have widely different levels of comfort and competence with technology tools. Google provides a variety of tools and services to assist nonprofits in functioning more efficiently and effectively. To help nonprofits use these applications well, it is essential to craft training modules that include specific, concrete examples from nonprofits, use language familiar to nonprofits, and address the resource restrictions most nonprofits face.

CompassPoint and nonprofit technology experts are working with Google to design seven 45-minute training modules that will introduce nonprofits to the following Google tools and how they can be used to advance their work: Google Apps, Google Analytics, Google Adwords/Grants, Google Checkout, Google Earth, Google Maps and YouTube.

You can participate in shaping these trainings by sharing your nonprofit’s stories and experiences using these applications. We want to know what your nonprofit has to say about these tools, your best practices in using them, and your case studies of implementation and use. To participate, send your contact information, including email/phone number, web address, and the Google tools your agency uses, to Deadline to respond is August 15.

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