Leading Through Corona Era


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This week, we're sharing a candid conversation with CompassPoint's co-directors, Lupe Poblano and Shannon Ellis: Navigating Leadership Through Uncertainty.  


Conversation Highlights

4:08 - How has the pandemic affected you personally?

8:38 - What are the issues you’re facing as organizational leaders?

11:00 - What’s your leadership background and experience and how is it shaping how you show up to this moment?

17:00 - What’s it like to be sharing leadership right now?

12:49 - What were the first steps you took when Shelter in Place started?

33:10 - What did it look like to create clarity around priorities?


39:55 - What’s worked about this approach toward prioritization? How have our values of equity showed up? How have we worked with our board through this process?

45:00 - Considerations around equity.

47:00 - Sharing financial information transparently.

50:05 - Facing decisions about staffing and salaries.

53:25 - What kind of feedback are you getting from staff? What are you observing?

59:12 - Closing Reflections.

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