Managing Email: Tips & Tricks

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Managing Email: Tips & Tricks (12/13/2003)
Cartoon Transcript:

Panel 1: "Saving email is an efficient way to store vital information." Shows woman on phone sitting at computer with 5000 emails in Inbox saying "The email outlining our new client services? I have it right here...just give me a couple of days to find it." She's opening emails that say things like OK, Thanks!, How about Monday at 10:00?, Out of office reply, and Jokes.
Panel 2: "The 'Reply All' button is a powerful tool for responding to project team members." Man saying to woman: "Thanks for your email about the funding proposal. And we're all sorry to hear your marriage is falling apart." Woman looks embarrassed, is thinking, "Uh oh..."
Panel 3: "Communicating through email is an excellent method for connecting with people." Man standing up says to man at computer, "I'm headed out to lunch. Want to join me?" Man at computer says without looking up, "Send me an email. I'll let you know."

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