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The cartoon Planet501c3 pokes fun at life in the nonprofit sector: 501(c)(3) is the IRS designation for nonprofit corporations. Planet501c3 was written and drawn by Miriam Engelberg, with ideas and suggestions provided by CompassPoint staff and many others. Two popular compilations of the cartoons, They Came from Planet501c3 and Planet501c3: The Next Generation, are only available for purchase through CompassPoint. Help support the Planet by buying either collection to give to your co-workers!

Financial Management

Moneysaving Strategies for Nonprofits (01/23/2004)
Cartoon Transcript:

Strategy 1: Get rid of those over-the-top nonprofit staff perks. Angry looking man says, "It's outrageous how nonprofit workers get free coffee at work." Angry looking woman says, "Yeah - not to mention all that cream and sugar!"
Strategy 2: Reduce the use of unnecessary technology. Man says, "Hey - where'd the copy machine go?" Tech guy says, "We replaced it with a more reliable tool - tracing paper."
Strategy 3: Stop offering superfluous services. Panel shows a museum with blank walls. Woman asks a worker, "Where are the paintings?" Worker replies, "We had to drop our art program."

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