Nonprofit Board Basics Online - FAQs

Who should use this program?

Individuals who have little experience with serving on a nonprofit board and are interested in the possibility.

Corporations who want to use this program as part of their efforts to have their employees get involved in their communities through board service.

Nonprofit Organizations who want to use this course as part of their new board orientation or as part of their board recruitment process (especially if they are recruiting individuals with little or no board experience).

The course has a primary focus of individuals working in corporate settings but is useful for really anyone.

What are the technical requirements to access the program?

Web Browser: Internet Explorer 5 or higher; Mozilla Firefox 2 or higher, Safari
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Acrobat Reader (for PDF Files)
Audio is optional

Can I link to this from my web page or blog?


How much does it cost?

This program is free and there are no plans to charge for it in the future.

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