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The cartoon Planet501c3 pokes fun at life in the nonprofit sector: 501(c)(3) is the IRS designation for nonprofit corporations. Planet501c3 was written and drawn by Miriam Engelberg, with ideas and suggestions provided by CompassPoint staff and many others. Two popular compilations of the cartoons, They Came from Planet501c3 and Planet501c3: The Next Generation, are only available for purchase through CompassPoint. Help support the Planet by buying either collection to give to your co-workers!

Human Resources

Nonprofit Soap Operas (08/17/2003)
Cartoon Transcript:

Cartoon has three panels with 3 separate scenes. 

First Panel: "As the Funder Turns"
Female character tells a male character "It's not you, it's me. . . I don't want to fund you anymore." The male character responds "You're seeing another organization aren't you?!"

Second Panel: "Days Weeks, Months of Our Lives"
People in a meeting around a table. First person says "Ok - It's been 16 hours already and we still haven't reached consensus. Let's take a break".
Another person responds "I disagree."
Another person obviously tired and confused says "Where am I? Who am I?"
Another person reacts saying "Uh-oh, another case of consensus induced amnesia".

Third Panel: "All My Programs"
First character says "Let's apply for this grant to server people with consenus induced amnesia".
The second character responds "But we're an art museum!"
The first character replies, "It's for $500,000.
The second character reacts, "On second thought - Great Idea!".

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