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Human Resources

Personality Testing (01/10/2003)
Cartoon Transcript:

At top: Improve your Work Environment with Personality Testing
Panel 1: Personality tests are based on wisdom drawn from a wide variety of cultures... Panel shows man saying, "By the end of this retreat you will each know where you fit on the Klingon Wheel of Personality developed from Start Trek Episode 66." He's holding a wheel divided into sections: Angry, Violent, Cruel and Fierce.
Panel 2: Most tests use a series of scientifically-designed questions to pinpoint a person's type... Shows scientist on left with clipboard asking, "Which word are you more attracted to--'Glede' or 'Glebe'? You must pick one" Woman being tested says, "I don't know what they mean, but OK -- umm--'Glede'." Scientist replies: "Aha -- you're clearly an Extrovert/Introvert."
Panel 3: In the workplace, an understanding of personality types helps staff members work together in harmony...
Man who looks a little like a Star Trek Klingon says, "Get me a list of our funders RIGHT NOW!!" Man sitting at laptop says, "You don't have to yell!" Other man replies, "Yes, I do. I'm an 'Angry' type on the Klingon Wheel." Man at the laptop replies, "Oh, that's OK then."

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