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The cartoon Planet501c3 pokes fun at life in the nonprofit sector: 501(c)(3) is the IRS designation for nonprofit corporations. Planet501c3 was written and drawn by Miriam Engelberg, with ideas and suggestions provided by CompassPoint staff and many others. Two popular compilations of the cartoons, They Came from Planet501c3 and Planet501c3: The Next Generation, are only available for purchase through CompassPoint. Help support the Planet by buying either collection to give to your co-workers!

Board Governance
Board Meeting Styles 04-14-2001
Development & Fundraising
This Month on the Planet: If Goldilocks Joined a Board 12-30-2005
At the Foundation 01-08-2005
When Organizations Date 12-06-2004
The Knitting Circle Finds Funding 08-02-2004
Downturn Survivor 03-15-2004
Donation Request Mad Libs 02-23-2004
Nonprofit Moments in Art History 11-14-2003
Tips for Fundraisers 06-16-2003
April Fools...or is it? 04-03-2003
Fairy Tales for Board Members 02-28-2003
Views of the Grant Application Process 06-24-2002
Movie Product Placement: Nonprofit Style 04-19-2002
If Robin Hood Had Been a Development Director 04-01-2002
Grant Proposal Guidelines: The Real Story 01-04-2002
Nonprofit Urban Legends 10-26-2001
More Donations from Hell 03-09-2001
This Week on the Nonprofit Channel the Sequel 06-26-2000
Administrative Man 04-25-2000
This Week on the Nonprofit Channel 03-30-2000
The First Annual Report 02-18-2000
Captain Nonprofit 01-31-2000
Development Directors Fantasy Hotline 11-01-1999
Donations from Hell 09-01-1999
Executive Leadership
Executive Director Coaching 06-15-2004
The Country Mouse Attends a Training 07-25-2002
Behind the Nonprofit 02-18-2002
Nonprofit Poetry Readings 02-19-2001
The Perfect Committee 08-07-2000
Financial Management
Moneysaving Strategies for Nonprofits 01-23-2004
Nonprofit Accountants at Home 10-17-2003
What Staff Members Say...and What Accountants Hear 01-25-2002
Human Resources
The Language of Nonprofits 01-16-2006
Just A Receptionist 10-25-2004
Nonprofit Smackdown 12-15-2003
Corporate Fridays 09-12-2003
Nonprofit Soap Operas 08-17-2003
Planet 501c3 Takes a Holiday 07-01-2003
If Volunteers Ruled the World 02-07-2003
Personality Testing 01-10-2003
Nonprofit Nightlife 11-15-2002
Duplicated Clients 10-24-2002
NonProfit Action Figures 12-10-2001
Meeting-Shortening Maneuvers 10-08-2001
This Week on the Nonprofit Channel Part 3 12-11-2000
Pure Process Retreats 09-18-2000
Office Theft Nonprofit Style 08-28-2000
Choosing an Icebreaker 06-02-2000
Management & Planning
Ernest Fitzgerald: Mission Statement Writer 08-26-2004
Strategic Planning Magic Tricks...Revealed 05-16-2003
How to Give a Talk 10-04-2002
Nonprofit Antiques Roadshow 05-30-2002
The Adventures of Big Vision Man 02-09-2002
Goldilocks and The Three Conference Sessions 07-16-2001
Real (Nonprofit) TV 06-25-2001
At the Strategic Planners Planning Meeting 06-01-2001
Choosing a Consultant 01-26-2001
Previews from the Film Fest of-Nonprofit Horror 10-30-2000
Advantages of the Nonprofit Space Crisis 10-10-2000
At the Meeting Facilitation Olympics 03-10-2000
House of Horrors 10-01-1999
Planet 501c3
Meet The Cartoonist 08-24-2001
An Accidental Techie is Born 09-24-2004
Essential Techie Skills 04-16-2004
Managing Email: Tips & Tricks 12-13-2003
Unprofessional Editions of Software 04-25-2003
Early Technological Purchases 08-25-2002
Miriam’s Cartooning Techniques 07-15-2002
Unbelievable...but True! 05-11-2002
A Short History of Project Management 08-06-2001
The Secret Life of Techies 04-23-2001
2001 A Nonprofit Odyssey 01-08-2001
MeetingSpeak Translation Systems 07-17-2000
Time Management for Techies 05-15-2000
New Products of the 21st Century 01-10-2000
The Wonders of Technology 12-15-1999

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