We create exceptional learning experiences that increase participants’ skills and prepare them to lead improvements in organizational practice.

Our Approach

Our senior practice members and key partners design and deliver 150 public classes each year. Our core content includes supervision and coaching skills, financial literacy, strategy development, and effective board service, among other subjects. We also bring our core classes to organizations so that their staff and board teams can learn together at their own site and in their own context.


In House Workshops
Bring CompassPoint
In House

Looking to bring learning from our training program in-house? We design and deliver training experiences for you and your team.

To learn more about bring CompassPoint in house, email Associate Project Director Paola Cubías here. >> 

What distinguishes our approach to teaching?

We are passionate about teaching.

Our classes are highly interactive so that participants have a chance to practice new skills, learn from one another, and prepare to bring knowledge back into their organizations thoughtfully and effectively.

And, our classes are honest and fun. Our teachers are all experienced nonprofit leaders who use their own successes and failures to illustrate key ideas, often with a humorous touch. We are always excited to stay in dialogue with class participants and to guide them in further professional development as their needs evolve.