"...and justice for all."

As we write this letter to you, our communities are still reckoning with the uncertainty and fear of what a Trump Presidency may hold for our country. Protests against the election are already joining with powerful acts of protest and convenings from the #BlackLivesMatter movement, courageous efforts to stop the #DAPL pipeline by Standing Rock Sioux and their many allies, and silent demonstrations during the singing of the national anthem. All of these activists are speaking truth to power and stating unequivocally on a national stage that we do not – and have never had – justice for all in this country. All of us here at CompassPoint stand in solidarity with these movements.

Our work supports leaders, organizations, and movement networks that are confronting and addressing the contradictions in our national narrative. The profiles you are about to read in this annual report are of leaders we have worked alongside over the past year who are confronting our nation’s stories and responses around food production, around violence, around gender, around incarceration, and around narrative itself and how it can be reclaimed by marginalized communities. They share great insights about the work they do, how they sustain themselves over the long fight, and offer us hope and inspiration as we tackle the important work ahead.

We are honored to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with these leaders and with all of you working toward a real justice for all.

In partnership and solidarity,

Jeanne Bell

Jim Hill
Board Chair

Client profiles

We asked our staff members to share some of the leaders and organizations they’ve recently worked with who are inspiring action with their efforts toward justice for all. The following first-person accounts represent a handful of these individuals who are taking big steps to change the world.

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CompassPoint staff celebrating at our 40th anniversary party on March 24, 2016.