Ideas Breaking Through

Greater New Orleans Foundation

Rethinking Leadership through the Lens of Race, Power, and Privilege

What does it take to move the dial on justice and leadership in a region?

Over the last 18 months, CompassPoint has been exploring this question with the Greater New Orleans Foundation through a series of leadership and management development projects with established leaders, emerging leaders, and practitioners in Southern Louisiana. In one particular project for emerging leaders, participants are exploring the cultural dimensions of leading while strengthening their management practices. 

In their words

Here’s what foundation Vice President Joann Ricci has to say about how leadership development that tackles race, power, and privilege (in addition to technical management skills) helps emerging leaders break through:

“10 years post Katrina and there’s still a lot of work and needs to be met by nonprofits... Working in the South... you’re confronted with the inequities and injustice that sadly are still in play here. CompassPoint’s lens helps emerging leaders think ‘where do I come from as a person and as a leader and as a potential leader? What does it mean and how does that affect how I work with colleagues and people who are and aren’t like me? Who is privileged or not privileged?’ This orientation provides a different lens to ground good management, good leadership, and good adaptive practice. It’s so important to New Orleans, this region, the South, and in general.”

We approach leadership, management, and strategy holistically.

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