Diverse Practitioners Breaking Through

Lupe Poblano – Paying It Forward

“Realizing where I added the greatest value in the search for justice and equity”

Four years ago,

Lupe Poblano was a participant in our Next Generation Leaders of Color Program, a transformative program for leaders of color that builds leadership confidence, management competencies, and the ability to unleash organizational change. Today, Lupe leads that same program for CompassPoint in his role as a staff project director. How did participation in NGLC help him to break through as a leader and pivot to a new understanding of how he could contribute to justice and equity as a consultant and trainer?

A  powerful and resilient critical mass of diverse leaders

CompassPoint Theory of Change

In their words

“Getting a chance to explore through the lens of race, class, power, privilege, and gender--what that meant to be a person of color in a leadership position was an enormous breakthrough, profound breakthrough. It started to be a lens that I started to view my work through, my life through, my relationships through (...) Having a diverse pipeline is important because I firmly believe that those who are closest to the challenge also have the solutions to the challenge.”

– Lupe Poblano, CompassPoint Project Director