Consult: Board Development

Board Development

Our Approach

CompassPoint’s approach to developing governance models and creating board development processes first focuses on answering the questions of an organization’s desired impact and current priorities. Next, we explore the leadership potential on the board and how to maximize the talent, skills, resources, and interests of those that serve now and in the future. From here, we design the optimal structure that will support the unique needs of the organization and its current priorities.

What distinguishes our approach?

At CompassPoint we partner with you to bring your board volunteers together to act as a powerful leadership body on behalf of your organization and cause. We share with you here some of the principles that underpin our work in governance:

Boards Can Be Greater than the Sum of their Parts

We believe that boards are usually comprised of talented, expert, passionate, and dedicated individuals. Board challenges typically stem from issues with the governance structure, systems or process—versus problems with individuals.

Clarity of Governance and Management Support

Confusion about governance and management roles and responsibilities by board and staff often causes difficulty. We have developed a governance framework that clarifies board roles, authority, and decision making to help boards and staff develop a powerful leadership partnership.

Purpose First, Structure Second

CompassPoint believes that the board is a means to an end, and not an end in itself.  Therefore, the work of the board should be focused on organizational priorities related to its desired impact. From clarity of purpose comes an appropriate governance model designed to reach an organization’s unique impact.

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