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UPDATE: Registration is closed for 2020. We'll update this space soon with information on registering for 2021. 


Our Approach

Technical knowledge about human resources and finance and conversations around equity and justice are not mutually exclusive. Our belief is that they have to live together. In some organizations “diversity, equity, and inclusion” work lives in a discrete corner. In reality, questions of organizational design (how we make decisions, how we’re structured, and how we build our internal culture and systems) are all related to equity.

To say it more plainly: the work of human resources and finance leaders is intertwined with how we live into equity and justice. The way we approach things such as budgeting, hiring, and financial transparency (just to name a few areas), can either replicate or interrupt oppression. We want this to be a space where we are learning to interrupt and dismantle oppressive practices instead of building on inequities of the past. 

Technical knowledge is so important, and for many of us who are promoted into new areas of leadership without a lot of support, it’s essential to democratize this knowledge. But, we should be gaining, wielding, and sharing technical knowledge in service of greater equity and lifting up the voices and decision making of people that have too often been pushed to the margins in our organizations. 

FPN/HRN membership includes:

  • Access to an active members-only listserve for peer exchange about on-the-job questions, referrals, and advice. 
  • 8 online gatherings (dates are on the left)
  • Access to our networks resource page (which includes handouts, resources, and tools).
  • A 20% discount to one CompassPoint workshop in 2020 (Or a 20% discount to two CompassPoint workshops in 2020 if you purchase a Combined Membership).

What Topics do our Peer Networks explore?

2019 forum topics included: 

  • Equity and Inclusion Throughout an Employee's Experience
  • Imagining a Just Transition for Nonprofit Organization Finance
  • Hiring Using Equity as your Guide and Your Goal
  • A Brief Update on the AB 1181 Gifts-in-Kind Bill
  • Facing the Crisis: Bay Area Real Estate for Nonprofit Organizations & Employees
  • Spill the Disabili-Tea: Exploring Disability Justice

Listen to the 2019 panel discussion
"Hiring Using Equity as your Guide and Your Goal" below

With panelists Anisha Desai, AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance); 
Jasmine Hall, CompassPoint;  and Danielle DeRuiter-Williams, The Justice Collective.

2020 Prorated Memberships

Finance Professionals Network

  • $150  single prorated membership
  • $200 discounted double prorated membership (Includes one additional person from your organization.)

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Bay Area Nonprofit
HR Network

  • $150  single prorated membership
  • $200 discounted double prorated membership (Includes one additional person from your organization.)

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Combined Membership
(Discounted access to both listserves)
Combined Membership also includes 20% off two CompassPoint workshops in 2020. 

  • $225 single prorated membership
  • $290 discounted double prorated membership (Includes one additional person from your organization for a total of two people from your organization. Each person will have access to both listserves.)

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Questions about Registration? 

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If you still have questions, reach out to

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