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New Report:
Fundraising Bright Spots

We're pleased to introduce Fundraising Bright Spots, CompassPoint’s new report with Klein & Roth Consulting for the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund's Resetting Development Work Group.

Fundraising Bright Spots delves into the experiences and approaches of 16 social change organizations that have established successful and sustainable individual fundraising efforts. What can we learn from these organizations? 

Theory of Change

Blog: “Organizational Transformation Without Equity and Allyship Are Meaningless”

Project Director Lupe Poblano says, “I am not afraid of organizational change; I am terrified when it doesn’t actually change anything.” This is the crux of his latest blog, which discusses how organizational change efforts focused on equity require more than “putting on” an equity lens. Instead, he says it requires equity being the end goal to all efforts and allyship being a key part of the process. Read the blog here.