Job Openings


Job Openings

What is it like to work at CompassPoint?

Our communities demand and deserve an approach to leadership development that centers liberation and confronts oppression directly—and we want to work with people who are passionate about answering that call. 

If you're excited about that vision, CompassPoint might be the right team for you!

Whether you're hearing about us for the first time, getting reacquainted, or getting to know us more deeply, we encourage you to read our "about us" page and explore our blog

Current Opportunities

The application period for our Project Coordinator position has closed!

Applicants, we'll be reaching out for introductory phone calls and to schedule interviews as we narrow down the selection. Thank you for your patience! 

Open Positions at a Glance

Project Coordinator
(Applications are closed, currently screening applicants)

  • Salary: $71,500 annually
  • This job is a non-exempt full-time position based in the Bay Area.
  • We continue to work remotely for the time being and have no physical office right now. In 2021, you’ll work remotely, too, with CompassPoint resources to help you set up a remote workstation. Once we return to physical space, the position will be a mix of remote and in-person work. 
  • The expected start date for this position is September 2021.

How we work

We work with leaders, nonprofit organizations, and movement networks that see themselves as vehicles for social change and support them through training, peer networkscoaching, and leadership programs. 

We believe that a liberated future free of oppression begins with our own personal liberation and practicing equity with each other—and we strive to build systems that reflect that belief.

That doesn't mean we don't often fall short of that goal! We are constantly learning and struggling together and with each other, and we are far from perfect.

Some of the things that we are excitedly growing into (and imperfectly navigating through) in the next chapter of our organization are: developing a Pro-Black stance, deepening our political education, figuring out what our hybrid model of teaching (online and in-person!) will look like, developing a collective culture and system around conflict resolution, and creating clearer pathways for internal promotions. It's a time for amibitious growth and transformation, and we're excited about bringing on folks who want to show up and make meaningful contributions to our evolution! 

We value

Engagement in contributing to healthy team dynamics (not working in isolation)

Agility - ability, and willingness to learn from experience and then apply that learning successfully in new situations

Shared responsibility - critiquing and contributing (not only one or the other); willingness to grapple and engage in (not retreat from) conflict

Collaborative contribution - stretching into multiple areas beyond one siloed area or approach to work 

Transformative relationships - building relationships based on care and mutual flourishing 

Our current structure

Being a part of the CompassPoint community means being just as comfortable following as you are leading.

​Our leadership structure is flexible and evolving. As we grow, we are looking for team members who are eager to play an active role in evolving that structure with us

Our structure feels and looks different from traditional top-down management. We lean in the direction of self-management principles where everyone has increased ownership of their work.

Our aspiration for collective leadership reflects our respect for individual autonomy (empowering everyone to have agency and make decisions from their roles) while also centering belonging (being united in purpose, vision, and a sense of community). 


Working in circles

The structure we're moving into consists of several "circles".  We are not a fully Holacratic organization, but some of our organizing principles—especially the idea of working in "circles" and fluidity of roles—are inspired by Holacracy. As a team member at CompassPoint, you won't report directly to a single direct supervisor or manager. Instead, you'll belong to one or more circles that help to define goals and move work forward. 

The executive leadership team (structured as a Co-Directorship) holds the big picture for the organization, coordinating and facilitating work across circles, aligning us toward a common vision, and ensuring that CompassPoint is values-driven, sustainable, and ultimately impactful