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Coaching Skills (4-Part Series)Leadership
Oct 06 2020
Cultivating a Community of Care for Black People and Building Pro Blackness at OrganizationsLeadership
Aug 28 2020
Facilitation Skills: Creating Inclusive and Purposeful MeetingsLeadership
Sep 08 20205 Spots LeftOct 27 2020
Manage Your Time and Energy: A Path To Personal SustainabilityLeadership
Sep 01 2020Sep 22 2020Nov 17 2020
Self-Care for Black Women in Leadership (Bay Area)Leadership
Sep 09 2020
Self-Care Salon - Session #4: A Day with Self-Care PractitionersLeadership
Aug 19 20201 Spot Left
Supervision: Helping Others SucceedLeadership
Aug 19 2020Class is fullSep 15 2020Class is fullNov 10 2020Class is full

Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution With Power and Privilege in MindCommunication Skills
Aug 31 2020Class is fullSep 29 2020Class is fullNov 17 2020

Sustainability & Strategy

Fundraising Bright Spots: How Do We Organize Donors Right Now?Sustainability & Strategy
Aug 26 2020