Peer Networks FAQ

Peer Networks FAQ

Welcome to the Peer Networks frequently asked questions page. We've gathered a lot of useful information about registering for CompassPoint's Peer Networks here. If you can't find an answer to your question here, contact us at

Q. How long does my membership last?
A. Membership periods begin and end according to the calendar year. To make the most of your membership, renew at the beginning of each year. The next membership period will be from January 2023 - February 2023. Sign up for our newsletter here for updates on yearly renewals.

Q. What’s the difference between purchasing both an FPN and HRN Individual Membership and a Combined Membership?
A. The Combined Membership allows you access to both listserves instead of just one. You also receive two 20% discount codes to apply to two workshops in 2022. Regardless of the membership type, every network member is invited to participate in the Peer Network Cafés. 

Q: If I join in the middle of the year, do I still pay the full price?
A: No, we offer a 50% discount for folks who join halfway through the year. We'll update our Peer Networks page with prorated prices in the Summer of 2023. Sign up for our newsletter here for updates on when pro-rated prices launch each year.

Q. If I enroll in one of the networks, who can take advantage of the 20% discount for workshops?
A. Any staff member at your organization can get 20% off one workshop registration (browse workshops here).  If you purchase a Combined Membership, you'll receive two 20% discount codes to apply to two workshops in 2022. When you register for the networks, you'll receive a discount code you can share with the rest of your team via your registration confirmation.

Q. I am trying to register for your Peer Network membership, but every time I click the “register here” button, it brings me back to the same page. How do I get to the next step?
A. If you’re confused about how to sign up or need a refresher, here is a short video you can watch.

Once you click on the “add to cart" link, the membership you selected will be added to your cart. The page will refresh and you'll see a green box at the top of the page with a link to "view your cart" Click on "view your cart" to check out. On the next page, you'll be asked for registraton information for “person 1” and “person 2”. Please fill in the information, select the appropriate price level, and click “continue” to get to the billing information. (Note: if you do not have a second person to add at the time of registration, that’s okay. Reach out to us, and we can always add them later).


Q. How many people from my organization can I add to the FPN and HRN Listservs?
A. You can add as many as you like! Each Individual Membership costs $300 and allows up to two people total from your organization to join one of the listserves. The Combined Membership costs $425 and allows up to two people total from your organization to join both listserves. You can review the membership levels at the bottom of this page here

The Combined Membership helps you make the most out of the networks! 

  • If you want one person from your org to be on each list, the best option is to register for them for the Combined Membership. ($425)
  • If you want two people on each list, the best option is to purchase a Combined Membership ($425)
  • If you want two people with access to both lists, and one person with access to only the FPN or HRN list, the best option is to purchase one Combined Membership and one Individual Membership (of either FPN or HRN) ($725)
  • If you want three-four people on both lists, the best option is to purchase two Combined Memberships. ($850)

Q. I purchased a Peer Network membership and I haven’t been able to access the listserve. How do I get access to the listserve?
A. Please email for help.