Kad Smith
Project Director


Bachelor of Arts: Politics
University of San Francisco

About Kad
[Pronouns: he/ him / histhey/ them/ theirs]

Kad Smith is a project director with CompassPoint. In his time at CompassPoint Kad has specialized in program design and the facilitation of CompassPoint’s cohort leadership programs. Outside of his work with CompassPoint’s cohort leadership programs, Kad enjoys facilitating workshops in CompassPoint’s public training program where he covers a broad range of content and topics.

A native of Berkeley, Kad is a self-described “bay-destrian.” His family hails from Texas and across the southern United States. Kad is passionate about racial justice, prison reform, civic engagement, and the liberation of all marginalized people across the globe.

Before joining CompassPoint, Kad worked with the Ecology Center of Bekeley for six years, focusing on community engagement and environmental justice advocacy. Through his work with the Ecology Center, Kad was able to be a precinct captain on Berkeley's Measure D Campaign in 2014, which resulted in the historic passing of the first soda tax in US history.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Berkeley's Ecology Center and has previously worked on the board of the Berkeley Community Fund (now called the Berkeley Community Scholars). Having grown up in Berkeley, Kad has tried to live into his values around civic duty by showing up in roles as a City Commisioner on Berkeley's Communtiy Health Commision and Police Review Commision. 

In his spare time, Kad is an avid reader and writer. He also enjoys outdoor adventures, playing basketball and NBA2k (as he says, "come get this work!!!"), and watching the Golden State Warriors demolish any and all competition.