Laura Eberly
Laura Eberly
Teacher Team


Master of Arts: Social Service Administration 
University of Chicago

Bachelor of Arts: Public Policy
University of Chicago

Anne Braden Anti-Racist Organizer Training Program

Trained in facilitation and community organizing by Annie Johnson, Debbie Rose Gilbert, Jimmie Burman, Hassan Al-Shwally, and the other tenants of Mercy Housing Lakefront

About Laura

[Pronouns: she / her / hers ]

As a member of our teacher team, Laura co-facilitates offerings in our public training program, focusing on Conflict Resolution with Power and Privilege in Mind and Centering People during Organizational Change and Transition.

Laura is a facilitator and healer with 15 years’ experience building people power and creating spaces for collective healing and liberation. Her work is deeply rooted in the belief that movements are as powerful, transformative, and liberatory as their practices and their people.

Co-founder of Mountaintop Coaching & Consulting, Laura has a strengths-based facilitation practice of creating compassionate, honest spaces to foster real relationship and sustainable change. Apart from her paid work, she is a community and tenant organizer, Episcopal deacon, and parent to one fiercely determined kid.

As a queer white person on a lifelong quest to disentangle systems of oppression, Laura knows her life is richer and freer and more deeply faithful for having taken steps on this journey. It is life-giving for her to support others who want to do the same.