Next Generation Black Leaders

Next Generation Black Leaders Program

Next Generation Black Leaders
Cohort Program


So much is being asked of Black leaders in this moment: to urgently respond to community needs, to lead with deep humanity in the midst of crises, and to manage the day-to-day of organizations, all while transforming them to better embody liberatory values.

Next Generation Black Leaders Cohort Program is a space for Black leaders to focus on cultivating their own Black leadership, to connect with other Black leaders in order to build a strong Movement, to learn and teach in order to navigate current organizational and societal conditions, and to practice praxis—which is critical ideation, action, and reflection. The goal of our cohort’s collective work is to build power and build pro-Black organizations and Movements.


This program runs for six months, from September 2022 to March 2023. This program will be delivered through:

  • one three-day in-person retreat, 
  • five three-hour online learning sessions, 
  • and one-on-one coaching. 

The cohort will be made up of 12 participants—all Black leaders from justice-focused  organizations.

Some of the content areas we’ll explore are: centering Pro-Blackness in our organizations, coaching skills, resource mobilization, and centering people during organizational change and transition

Who are “next generation” Black leaders ?

We define ‘next generation’ expansively. There is no age requirement or limit. We’re using “Next Generation” to describe folks stepping into or recommitting to their vision to be a Black leader right now, in the midst of organizational transformations, deep political shifts, and growing Movement building efforts. 

Learning in teams

We know that to catalyze change in an organization, it’s important to have multiple people pushing from within. This program will closely involve “co-conspirators” from each organization who will actively partner with the cohort member to support bringing the learnings from the cohort into the organization in substantive ways.



In-Person Gathering

The kick-off for this cohort will be a three-day retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana. We will share the exact location and our COVID protocols in advance of the gathering with participants. Materials, meals, travel, and lodging will be covered by The Kresge Foundation and CompassPoint.

Save the date: September 12 - 14 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Online Gatherings

These will be monthly online gatherings, each three hours long (with breaks!). We will share Zoom login information in advance of each gathering.


Participants will get access to one-on-one coaching sessions (up to five sessions per participant). Coaching is a confidential space between a participant and their coach where they can focus on challenges and their personal growth and development as a leader. 

All participants will receive a $1000 stipend to help cover individual needs that will support them in making sure they can participate fully in the program (for example: securing childcare).


Liz Derias
Program Designer and Facilitator | Co-Executive Director at CompassPoint

Joe Jackson
Program Designer and Facilitator | Facilitator at CompassPoint

Simone Thelemaque
Participant Experience | Associate Project Director at CompassPoint


With gratitude to The Kresge Foundation, who is funding this cohort work as part of their FUEL (Funding Urban Equitable Leadership) program.