Photo of Q
Q Sajid
Teacher Team


Master of Social Work: Community Organizing & Management
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Their deepest forms of knowledge extend outside of the classroom over South Asian brunch, in somatic circles, and near her favorite body of water

About Q

[Pronouns: she / they ]

As a member of our teacher team, Q co-facilitates offerings in our public training program, focusing on From Fundraiser to Resource Mobilizer: Changing Our Perspectives and Practices to Shift Power.

Q has led many “lives” in professionalized and grassroots movements as a resource mobilizer, healing justice practitioner, and narrative strategist. For the past 15 years, their work has been guided by trusting the inherent wholeness within ourselves, movements, and just economies.

Q’s facilitation experience began with co-leading masjid workshops at the age of 12 years old. As an accidental facilitator, they can feel the power of co-creating spaces that nurture our deepest yearnings and political questions. She believes that facilitating is an art and science requiring embodied curiosity. Her work with resource mobilizers is guided by the question: how do we build the economies and systems of care we need to get more free in this realm and the next?

Q was born in Pakistan, raised by NYC and Midwest, and is rooted in Ohlone Land in the East Bay. Q is a Muslim femme who believes liberation is collectively embodied.