Resource Mobilizers Circle

CompassPoint's Resource Mobilizer Circle

Resource Mobilizers are people who facilitate the flow of both financial and non-financial resources.

We are development staff who are actively working to shift our fundraising practices and organizational culture in ways that are more aligned to social and racial justice values and goals. We are “in the system, but not of the system” which means we need to actively try new ways of communicating and being as we raise funds.  We need peers for mutual learning and support because there aren’t neat answers or one road map to mobilize resources in more liberated ways.

This is a space where resource mobilizers explore how to: 

  • Share or distribute donor relationships further across the organization,
  • Connect fundraising with community power building,
  • Organize donors to mobilize resources,
  • and start with values of justice and equity in your work...


Who is this space for?

You’re receiving this invitation because you’re a previous participant in CompassPoint’s fundraising trainings / resource mobilization programs.

Our hope is to keep building with you and plant the seeds for a future Resource Mobilizers Network.

This group will be a multiracial space that will prioritize BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) participation. This first learning circle will be made up of 8-12 participants.

How Can Resource Mobilizers Support Donors' Civic and Political Journeys?

A video from CompassPoint's Fundraising Bright Spots Learning series (June 8,2021.

The Resource Mobilizers Circle will build on some of the wisdom from the learning series, but focus more on building peer-to-peer support!

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What does this learning space look like in action?

This group of resource mobilizers will meet for six sessions (all hosted online) to re-imagine their approaches, share resources, and build relationships.

Re-imagining: Participants will share their experiences, challenges, and questions about reimagining resource mobilization in a supportive environment, with facilitation from the CompassPoint team (led by Steve Lew). 

Resources: We’ll share and discuss resources, drawing from a library of videos from the Fundraising Bright Spots Learning Series, emergent strategy tools, the Ethical Rainmaker Podcast, and others!

Relationships: Using peer coaching and learning formats, we’ll create space for relationship building, mutual support, and creative problem solving. We also hope that this core group will help CompassPoint to focus on what's most needed and accessible so that a network can grow in 2023. 


Steve Lew

Jessy Zapanta