Weaving Together a World Without Violence


A Collection of Principles, Practices, and Recipes for Healing from the
Network Weaver Learning Lab

Launched in 2017, the Network Weaver Learning Lab (NWLL) was an 18-month program that created a space for leaders to develop their thinking and practice and to explore and experiment together on ways to advance the movement to end relationship-based violence. 

In “Weaving Together a World Without Violence: A Collection of Principles, Practices, and Recipes for Healing,” Network Weavers share their learnings through a downloadable Healing Cookbook. An interactive version of these offerings is available in the Medicine Deck, which enables social justice leaders to engage in their own learning journey.  

The Healing CookBook and Medicine Deck draw on cooking as a metaphor for sharing approaches and medicine with others working to end relationship-based violence and other intersectional forms of oppression. They hold reflections and tools that invite and support us to foster healthier, more loving, liberated relationships, and communities.

Centering the importance of art for visioning and making meaning was a fundamental component of this program. In advancing community understanding and advocacy, art helps imagine an alternate future–one in which relationships and communities address conflict in healthy ways.

Learn more about the Network Weaver Learning Lab with the video and audio stories below.


WATCH: Network Weaver Video Stories

Building sacred space, embracing healing, and building deep connections through food. Explore these videos to learn more about how the Network Weavers built a space to embody a different kind of networked leadership based in trust and relationships.

Videos by Tracy Nguyen



LISTEN: Network Weaver Audio Stories

In the following audio files, network weavers invite conversation around multiple ways of knowing as they lift up lessons and reflections from the lab. 

Learning about strengths-based leadership from plant and indigenous wisdom and “The Three Sisters” by Robin Wall Kimmerer — Cristy Chung, Aja Couchois Duncan, and Michelle Gislason​. 

Lessons on Masculinity and Healing — Vincent M. and Lupe Poblano​

Reflections on Deep Hanging Out and Radical Love from the “Connection To Land" Experiment Group — Paul Bancroft, Aja Couchois Duncan, Lyia Jalao, Maria Dominguez



Poetry reading from “Sturdy Front Porch - Pre - Existing Conditions” — Elissa Sloan Perry

These artistic offerings would not have been possible without the generosity and brilliance of the NWLL weavers, the NWLL Art Brigade Team Members, and the NWLL Design Team.

NWLL Weavers:

Ada Palotai, Cibonay Jimenez, Cristy Chung, Dia Penning, Jennifer Chen Speckman, Laura Jimenez, Lyia Ong Jalao, Maria Dominguez, Maricela Rios-Faust, Mary Martinez, Melissa Powless Chacon, Monna Wong, Paul Bancroft, Sharon Turner, Trina Greene Brown, Vincent M.


Art Brigade Team Members:

Ada Palotai, Aja Couchois Duncan, Dia Penning, Mary Martinez, Sharon Bridgforth, Sharon Turner, and Tracy Nguyen.


NWLL design team

Aja Couchois Duncan, Alison Lin, Elissa Sloan-Perry, Lupe Poblano, Michelle Gislason, Sharon Bridgforth, sujin lee, and Tracy Nguyen.

Network Weaver Learning Lab was created through a partnership between Change Elemental (formerly Management Assistance Group) and CompassPoint and generously funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation.