From Fundraiser to Resource Mobilizer: Changing Our Perspectives and Practices to Shift Power


This is a live, online event where you’ll participate actively with facilitators and other participants! We will send login information two days before the event, so please make sure you enter your email correctly when you register. In order to build community and protect confidentiality, we do not record our workshops. If you miss a training date, we cannot provide you with a recording of the training.

Registration for this training is offered on a sliding scale. If your personal or organizational budget allows you to, please pay the full fee so we can keep registration accessible for leaders and organizations who may not be in the same position. Greater access strengthens us all!

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When it comes to fundraising, it’s easy to feel stuck. Why do we feel like we can’t disrupt old habits even when we know they leave us (and our communities) feeling isolated, depleted and as if we’re only engaging in extractive and transactional ways?

The practice of fundraising is going through a reckoning, and the way we envision the role of fundraisers is changing. Many fundraising models and “best practices” center on the idea that wealthy donors are the heroes of the story. What would resourcing our missions look like if we were more like resource mobilizers deepening the civic and political journeys of all of our supporters instead? Resource Mobilizers are people who facilitate the flow of both financial and non-financial resources. Resource mobilizers are not limited to executive directors, development directors, or other nonprofit staff; they also include unpaid organizers, neighborhood leaders, and volunteers.*

In this three-session training, we invite fundraisers, leaders, organizers, and volunteers (new and seasoned alike) to imagine their roles more expansively and embrace approaches to mobilizing resources that build and amplify community power.


Who is this training for?

This training is for leaders of organizations who want to explore moving from fundraiser to resource mobilizer. Some foundational knowledge in fundraising may be helpful before joining, but we invite anyone playing a role in resourcing social change efforts to learn with us! This training might not be a good fit for fundraisers solely focused on tips and tactics for raising the largest dollar amount possible. Instead, we'll spend our time exploring how we can liberate the work we do to generate resources in ways that are more sustainable and build community power.


Please note: This is a three-part series. Check dates carefully before you commit to making sure you can attend all three parts! 

In this online workshop, you will:

  1. Reimagine the role of “fundraiser”— from being reactive to and transactional with donors to being expansive, creative, and rooted in community.

  2. Understand key fundraising terms and principles through the lens of resource mobilization.

  3. Practice donor cultivation in ways that tap into community values, connect supporters to larger movements, and build community power.

  4. Reflect on your role as fundraiser, identify practices you want to leave behind and what new approaches you’ll grow as a resource mobilizer.


Content Facilitators:
Steve Lew
Yasi Safinya-Davies
Q Sajid

Tech Facilitators:
Learkana Chong
Simone Thelemaque
Jessy Zapanta


Get ready to participate!

Our trainings come alive with your participation and willingness to engage. Please be ready to participate in group discussions and share your experience, creativity, questions, and challenges with us. We’ll share visual and verbal information, make time for paired practice, play games, watch short videos, draw, and make time to reflect.

*Resource Mobilizer definition created by the Resource Mobilizer Collaborative.


This is a multi-day event. Please make sure you can attend all dates before registering! Before registering, make sure you are familiar with our cancellation policy.

Accessibility is very important to us! Closed captioning will be provided. If you require specific accommodations (for example, receiving screen-reader friendly versions of learning materials ahead of time), please notify us at least one week in advance of the scheduled offering by emailing so that we can do our best to meet your needs. ASL interpretation is not provided unless requested. ​


Discounted Fee - $300
Suggested for individuals from orgs with a budget of 999K or less
Discounted Fee - $350
Suggested for individuals from orgs with a budget between 1M and 4M
Full Fee - $400
Suggested for individuals from orgs with a budget of 4M or greater and foundations

Available Classes

Feb 21 2023

DAY 1: Tues February 21 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)
DAY 2: Thurs February 23 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)
DAY 3: Thurs March 2 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)

Mar 21 2023

DAY 1: Tues March 21 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)
DAY 2: Thurs March 23 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)
DAY 3: Thurs March 30 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)

May 30 2023

DAY 1: Tues May 30 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)
DAY 2: Thurs June 1 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)
DAY 3: Thurs June 8 (9:30am - 12:30pm PT)



Discounted Fee - $300
Suggested for individuals from orgs with a budget of 999K or less
Discounted Fee - $350
Suggested for individuals from orgs with a budget between 1M and 4M
Full Fee - $400
Suggested for individuals from orgs with a budget of 4M or greater and foundations