Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010


Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to share with you CompassPoint’s Annual Report to the community for 2010. This year’s theme of purpose, as reflected in the diverse stories and voices of our clients, staff, and partners, conveys the broad range of experiences and beliefs that fundamentally engage and drive individuals to nonprofit service. And we believe in the strength in these numbers – how the efforts of different people working on different causes can powerfully combine to raise “the cause of humanity” toward greater social equity.

CompassPoint proudly contributes to this movement by building the management, leadership, and strategy capacity of our sector’s diverse organizations, individuals, and networks. In 2010, we finalized our first-ever organizational theory of change, which defines CompassPoint’s purpose and the strategies, programs, and approaches we will use to achieve impact. As our Board Vice-Chair Paul Buddenhagen states in his interview in this report, “It’s a wonderful roadmap for the organization.” As a board and staff, we also focused intently on the distinct programming needs and dynamics in the East Bay, South Bay, and San Francisco to develop innovative and responsive regional services. Finally, we continue to strengthen our partnerships with public and philanthropic funders to design and deliver robust initiatives, whether to strengthen a specific cohort of nonprofit leaders or to facilitate neighborhood community planning efforts.

You may have already experienced some of the great programs shaped by these activities; if not, take the opportunity of this annual report to learn more about CompassPoint, our recent achievements, and our plans. We are honored to work with you, the organizations and leaders who inspire and give us purpose.

In partnership,

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