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Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to share with you CompassPoint’s Annual Report to the community for 2011. In this piece we highlight CompassPoint’s role as a hub that through our programs and people gives voice to and connects individuals, organizations, and movements to the strategies, discourse, and partnerships to build stronger communities and a more equitable world.

The varied stories of clients, partners, staff, and board members presented in this report cast a spotlight on the importance of communication and interconnection as essential factors to achieving meaningful personal, organizational, and societal change. There also are myriad unspoken interconnections running through the lines of each narrative that bring additional reach and depth to these relationships and programs. For instance, to connect the dots between four stories from our annual report: Next Generation Leaders of Color (NGLC) participant Lupe Poblano is also a member of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, whose National Director Trish Tchume cites Daring to Lead 2011 as an important strategic touchstone for the organization. Daring to Lead, in turn, was co-authored by Rick Moyers of the Meyer Foundation and CompassPoint’s Marla Cornelius, who is also the Program Director for NGLC. Stories like these, with the primary and ancillary connections that they spur together tell the larger story of the power and impact that multiple interactions cumulatively can have to create social change.

And this concept certainly reflects the true spirit of our quote for this year’s annual report, “Dramatic and systemic change always begins with critical connections.” We hope you enjoy this annual report and invite you to consider some of the important linkages that support and sustain you in your community role. We look forward to a continued strong and productive connection in the years to come.

In partnership,

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Jeanne Bell

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Colin Lacon
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