Annual Report 2011: Rick Moyers

Annual Report 2011: Rick Moyers




Rick Big

Rick Moyers
Vice President for Programs and Communications
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation


Redefining the Connection between a Grantmaker and Grantee

The Meyer Foundation and CompassPoint have worked on multiple research projects over most of a decade, in a partnership that has challenged traditional ideas about the relationship between grantmaker and grantee. Joint efforts include Daring to Lead 2006, Ready to Lead: Next Generation Leaders Speak Out, and Daring to Lead 2011.

Rick says about CompassPoint’s role in the sector: “CompassPoint’s work around nonprofit leadership has helped create a national community of grantmakers and support organizations with a common interest in strengthening and supporting nonprofit leaders. I can’t think of any other organization that is so firmly grounded in the day-to-day realities facing community-based nonprofits but also has the standing and reputation to be a strong national voice for nonprofit leaders.”

This added value is also seen in Meyer and CompassPoint’s efforts together. States Rick, “For more than a decade, the Meyer Foundation has worked toward creating a national dialogue among grantmakers, nonprofits, and other community leaders about the critical role of nonprofit executive directors, the challenges and pressures those leaders face, and steps we can take to better support them. CompassPoint has been an invaluable partner in that effort.

“Working together, we’ve created a body of work and a community that neither of us could have pulled off on our own, and CompassPoint has brought to our partnership a deep understanding of nonprofit leadership, a commitment to strengthening social justice organizations, and the shared belief that communicating about the research is just as important as doing the research. I’m extraordinarily proud of what we’ve done together.”