Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Trainings

Learning Spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Leaders

These offerings are exclusively for participants who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

We are committed to cultivating these spaces as part of our values (explore our vision and values here) of racial justice and centering voices and experiences from the margin. BIPOC leaders often reflect back to us how valuable it is to have BIPOC-only  spaces, so we’re broadening our offerings in response to community needs.

We hope that these trainings will invite BIPOC leaders to build power by building community, share more honestly about the challenges they face, and deepen their learning by sharing time and space with their peers.

Upcoming Trainings

For white participants, we ask that you respect the intention of this space by registering for versions of these offerings that don’t have BIPOC-only in the title and description.

You can find all available trainings here. > 



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