Board Cafe: An Annual Board Committee Report

Board Cafe

An Annual Board Committee Report

By Jan Masaoka

Instead of asking board committees for monthly written reports or having only verbal reports at board meetings, consider asking committee chairs to write an "Annual Report" at the end of each year describing their committees' activities and decisions. These reports can be included with the board minutes in the organization's formal, permanent records.

Here is a simple format that committees can use for an "Annual Report of the Committee":

"Annual Report" from a Board Committee A summary report on the Committee's work this last year, with recommendations to the staff and the full board.

Committee: ________________________________

Period of time this report covers: ________________________________

Committee chair: ________________________________

Committee members: ___________________________________________

The main objectives for the Committee: ____________________________



Summary of recent accomplishments and current activities:

List of activities in progress and upcoming events/discussions:

Recommendations to the Executive Director/CEO:

Recommendations to the Board of Directors:

Original publication date: 11/10/1997

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