Thriving as a Board Chair: A Peer Learning Program Just for Board Chairs

The board chair is one of the most challenging and impactful leadership positions on a nonprofit board. A good chair inspires a shared vision, builds and nurtures future board leadership and manages the work of the board.  It demands high-engagement, commitment, self-awareness, and leadership integrity. It also requires strong relationship building and facilitation skills.  Without a framework for success this is a daunting proposition!  But done well, it can be personally rewarding and add tremendous leadership capacity to the organization.

This program will bring together a cohort of board chairs for a 4 month learning experience that blends CompassPoint’s governance content, expert facilitation, and peer-learning.  The specific monthly topics be selected by the cohort on day 1 from within the following areas:

  • ED Partnership: Developing a Strong Leadership Partnership with the Chair and ED
  • Structure: Redesigning Board Meetings and Committees
  • Board Members: Deepening Engagement and Participation
  • Fundraising: The Board’s Role; Creating a Culture of Philanthropy on the Board


  • Participants must currently be serving in the capacity of board chair/president
  • Participants must commit to at least 4 session dates/times:

    a. April 17          first session from 5:00-8:30
    b. May 8                session 2 from 5:00-8:00
    c. June 5                 session 3 from 5:00-8:00
    d. July 10                session 4 from 5:00-8:00
    c. August 7 (web/teleconference session) 5:00 - 7:00pm

Light snacks and beverages included.


Flat Fee - $275

Available Classes

April - August 2018

See description for details
4 in-person, 1 web/call




Flat Fee - $275