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2020 keeps throwing challenges at us with no signs of stopping. How are fundraisers navigating the obstacles and opportunities of an uncertain and quickly changing landscape? We need deeper perspectives to ground and guide us as we move through the unknown and figure out what it means to mobilize resources in support of our missions right now. 

Join us for our monthly Fundraising Bright Spots sessions: 90-minute online gatherings with fundraising leaders who share your challenges and questions. These sessions are open to all—drop in for one or two sessions or come back every month! 

Next Session: 
Fundraising Bright Spots: Donor Organizing in Organizations and Movements

September 23, 2020
From 9:30am to 11:00am (PST)


These sessions build on lessons from CompassPoint's Fundraising Bright Spots research, but most importantly, draw on community wisdom and peer learning to surface what's really working right now. 

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