We co-design with our clients projects in strategy, sustainability,
internal leadership development, and governance.

Our Approach

We work with organizational leaders to determine the real issues at hand and then to design projects that result in actionable change.

That change could be a new articulation of your organization’s purpose and core strategies.

It could be a new approach to developing leadership across your staff and volunteers. It could be your first-ever governance framework to guide the composition and work of your board of directors.

What distinguishes our approach to consulting?

We are a values-driven practice, bringing explicit social change aspirations to every project. We are focused on intended impact—challenging leaders to use intended impact, not generic notions of best practice, as the basis of all key decisions.

We are financially savvy and support leaders in dual bottom-line thinking (impact and money) throughout projects of every type. And we are a collaborative practice, deploying teams with diverse strengths and perspectives—as well as strong project management—to each consulting project.