6 Valentines for Social Changemakers


At CompassPoint, we believe in creating a culture where feedback is shared every day, and that means sharing appreciations (not just developmental feedback) early and often. This week, we're helping you do that by sharing these Valentines with messages for the friends and colleagues in your life commited to moving social change forward. 

This weekend is Valentine's day, and what better way to celebrate than to share your appreciation for the people in your life commited to the causes you care about most? Here are six Valentines ready to be shared with the social change makers in your life. Print them and hand them out, or save them to your desktop to share on social media!




Valentine 2

Valentine 8


Valentine 4


Valentine 7

Valentine 5


How do you share your appreciation for your co-workers and friends? Share your answers in the comments below. 

Valentines designed by Maro Guevara and Erin Lingren. Maro Guevara is a project coordinator at CompassPoint, where he supports communication efforts and leadership initiatives. Erin Lingren previously served as associate project director at CompassPoint, where she led operations and logistical support for our leadership development initiatives, and taught a graphic facilitation workshop. 

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