Liberatory Principles and Practices for White Supervisors

April 10, 2023
Liberatory Principles for White Supervisors

We're launching a new online, two-day training this summer:  Liberatory Principles and Practices for White Supervisors.

Why are we launching this training for white supervisors now?

We’re launching this new training because we believe it is an integral part of advancing Pro-Blackness and racial justice at CompassPoint and across the field.

The practice of leading others (especially in nonprofit and social justice organizations) demands a power analysis, and this is one way we’re continuing to build on that stance!

We’ve heard from our community of BIPOC participants, especially Black participants, that supervision is often the place at their organizations where they are punished by white coworkers exerting power over them.

Whether it’s happening consciously or unconsciously, it’s our duty to name and challenge habits of domination so we can build the power of BIPOC staff at social justice and nonprofit organizations.

At the same time, we’ve been hearing from white supervisors about the need for spaces that center peer connection, accountability, and vulnerability as they unlearn and interrupt old patterns. They’ve asked for places to build on the content from Supervision: Relationships and Structures that Help Us Thrive, explore deeper questions about power and try on new practices without fear of harming, imposing on, or performing for BIPOC peers

What supervision principles and practices do we hope people will bring back to their organizations?

We hope supervisors will bring back tools for noticing and ending defensiveness and saviorism–even in their unconscious forms–and engage in new, liberatory practices. We also hope white supervisors will bring back a new or renewed commitment to shifting power, as well as practical strategies for having courageous, connected conversations across race and power in their supervisory relationships.

We strongly suggest that folks participate in either Supervision: Relationships and Structures that Help Us Thrive, Coaching Skills for Leaders or both before signing up.

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