Develop Leaders

Develop Leaders

We equip people with the skills, knowledge, and support
to powerfully engage in the process of leadership.

Our Approach

We design and deliver intensive cohort leadership development programs like HIVE (Health, Inspiration, Voice, Equity, and Next Generation Leaders of Color Inland Region. These programs range in length from three months to multi-year, depending on the project.

They all combine a set of core methodologies, including teaching, peer learning, coaching, and physical practice. To work at this depth, we partner with foundations who share our commitment to social change and to leadership development.

At CompassPoint, we don’t focus on a single leadership development model; instead, we blend our own content and the best content of others to craft programs that are responsive to particular communities, fields, and movements.

We are continuously innovating our approach both in content and in format.

Active Programs:

Self Care for Black Women

Self-Care for Black Women in Leadership Program

CompassPoint’s 9-month learning community, tailored for Black women in leadership, is focused on creating self-care practices grounded in ancestral resilience and connecting 20 participants to foster a supportive network of fellow Black women in leadership.
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HIVE Leadership
Development Program

HIVE (Healing, Inspiration, Voice, and Equity) is an 18-month leadership development program for emerging leaders in Louisiana nonprofits. The program creates a home for the important and often unacknowledged leadership of individuals in organizations committed to reproductive health, rights, and justice.
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Fundraising Bright Spots Web Logo 2018

The Fundraising Bright Spots Program: Making Fundraising Work for You

Through the new Fundraising Bright Spots Program, leaders from social change organizations will learn, adapt, and apply practices from successful grassroots fundraising models and individual donor programs to move their missions forward.
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Fundraising Bright Spots is also active in Los Angeles. >


Network Weaver Learning Lab

Network Weaver Learning Lab

Developed and delivered in partnership with MAG,  (NWLL) is an 18-month program that creates a space for leaders to develop their thinking and practice and to explore and experiment together on ways to advance the movement to end relationship-based violence.  
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Organizational Equity Leadership Development Program

Organizational Equity Leadership Development Program

A 12-month program for grantees of the Kresge Foundation that goes beyond beyond “multiculturalism,” “diversity,” and “inclusion” to focus on personal liberation, organizational transformation, and building equitable systems and practices. 
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The Next Generation Leaders of Color (Inland Region Program)

NGLC Inland Region* is a one-year long leadership development program for emerging leaders working in the Inland Region’s nonprofits. The program creates a home for the important and often unacknowledged leadership of people of color in the region working in organizations committed to social justice and health equity. 
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Past Programs:

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The Arc Toward Justice Leadership and Solidarity Program

This initiative of the Akonadi Foundation supports leaders working toward a racially just society for youth of color in Oakland. 
Read more about the ATJ Leadership and Solidarity Program here. > 

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The Strong Field Project

Launched in 2010, SFP aims at building a strong, coordinated network of domestic violence service providers in California.
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The Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color

An intensive training and coaching program specifically for fundraising staff, board members, and other volunteers within nonprofits based in communities of color.
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Leadership Development Program for Managers and Executives Serving Transition-Age Youth

The Leadership Development Program for Managers and Executives Serving Transition-Age Youth was developed by CompassPoint with funding from The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF) to address the changing needs of leadership professionals serving transition-age youth. 
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Other initiatives:

STRONG Nonprofits Program

CompassPoint’s STRONG Nonprofits Program is a team-based organizational sustainability cohort program that aims to reduce and prevent poverty in East Contra Costa County by strengthening the capacity of local nonprofit organizations working on poverty eradication.

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Coaching and Philanthropy Project

The Coaching and Philanthropy Project was created to assess and advance coaching as a strategy for building effective nonprofit organizations. Through the Coaching and Philanthropy Project page, you can explore coaching resources, tools, and learn more about the nonprofit sector’s support for and use of coaching.

Explore the Coaching and Philanthropy Project here. > 

Multicultural Board Leadership Academy

The goal of the Board Leadership Academy is to both recruit and train the next generation of diverse leaders to serve on nonprofit boards. This program is based on the Latino Board Leadership Academy launched in 2011 and has successfully trained dozens of new board members.

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Show Me the Money: Nonprofits Talking Taxes

Nonprofits Talking Taxes, a workshop and curriculum designed help people have meaningful and fun conversations about nonprofits and the common good, and the role of fair and just tax policy in making our work more mission-effective.

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Want to learn about about our Cohort Leadership Programs? 
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