Emilry Cohen Raskin
February 13, 2015

Emily Cohen Raskin is the executive director of O2 Initiatives, where she directs the O2 Sabbatical Award program. In addition to her role with O2 Initiatives, she also serves as Senior Associate at Hirsch & Associates, an advisory firm that works with families, foundations, and corporations to maximize the impact of their philanthropy. 

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February 10, 2015

At CompassPoint, we believe in creating a culture where feedback is shared every day, and that means sharing appreciations (not just developmental feedback) early and often. This week, we're helping you do that by sharing these Valentines with messages for the friends and colleagues in your life commited to moving social change forward. 

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January 28, 2015

Last month, the Akonadi Foundation launched the Arc Toward Justice Leadership and Solidarity Program. CompassPoint is excited to facilitate a cohort of twenty dynamic leaders working toward a racially just society for youth of color in Oakland. Over the next year, this group of leaders will explore leadership frameworks, learn about strength-based leadership, dive into coaching, and engage with themes of self-care and sustainability. 

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January 17, 2015

At CompassPoint, we believe that nonprofit leaders and social change makers are more resilient and can work sustainably when they have a practice of self-care. Embedding self-care into our work has become a theme for our own organization and a fundamental part of how we work alongside others to create sustainable ways of moving toward change. 

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Michelle Gislason
December 12, 2014

At CompassPoint, we use coaching as a powerful tool to deal with challenges, foster self-awareness and move forward to action. Whether you regularly work with a coach or not, coaching questions can be a powerful way of sparking new insights and setting goals. Below, we’re sharing a list created by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management's Coaching Affinity Group that you can you use to take stock of last year and prepare for 2015.

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Marla Cornelius
December 9, 2014

What does it take to thrive as a board chair? In this post, CompassPoint governance consultant Marla Cornelius shares key takeaways from one of our newest programs, Thriving as a Board Chair. This cohort based learning experience for board chairs blends CompassPoint’s governance content, expert facilitation, and peer learning. Do her reflections resonate with your board experience?

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Marissa Tirona
December 2, 2014

In this her final blog for CompassPoint as a staff member, Senior Project Director Marissa Tirona shares her leadership learnings from her seven-year tenure. We wish Marissa all the best in her new role as Director of Blue Shield Against Violence and, while we sadly say farewell to her, we move forward assured and thankful that our paths will continue to cross and intertwine in our work for greater social justice. 

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November 17, 2014

From time to time, we use this space to shed light on the people who make up our practice. With the holiday season kicking off, we’re taking a moment to recognize the importance of gratitude and saying thanks.

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November 6, 2014

Office moves are an inevitable fact of nonprofit life. In this blog, CompassPoint Director of Operations Sarah Gort shares lessons and resources on how she organized and led a thorough, creative, and enjoyable (yes, enjoyable!) organizational move that meshed with our culture and goals – and was a resounding success.

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Nelson Layag
October 28, 2014

With humor as one of our guiding principles, CompassPoint has a long history of poking fun at ourselves and the nonprofit sector to skewer some “sacred cows” and celebrate the experiences that bring our field together. Our cartoon series, Planet 501c3, was created by Miriam Engleberg, ran from 1999-2005 and made fun of everything from fundraising to never-ending meetings and beyond. This Halloween, we’re having a chuckle with a topic that’s usually too hallowed to joke about—strategic plans!

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